Monday, February 1, 2010

A Bear-ific Interview with...

So even though I'm having a not so grand day (figures its Monday), this interview sure cheered me up a bit. I was convinced this entire time that Constantine's real name was actually Dino! I've been fooled this entire time!!! Read Dino's interview, he's a pretty interesting bear.

Name: Constantine Dourountoudakis
Nickname: Dino
Year:Junior, graduating in January 2012
Major: Physics
Minor: Computer Science and Mathematics

Three things you didn't know about Dino until now:
1. The only music I listen to is Cretan music. Seriously, take a look at my Ipod sometime.
2. I have an the Internet in genera. And Stumble-Upon.
3. I've always wanted a pet monkey like in Ace Ventura.

There isn't anything that a sense of humor can't fix.

How are you involved on campus?
At the moment...Social Chair for Sigma Pi Fraternity, Orientation Leader, and Senior Consultant at the IT helpdesk.

My favorite sport is baseball.

How can your personality be best described?
A. Dorky
B. Fun
C. Timid
D. Loud
E. Other: _____

My favorite class so far has been General Physics, because I like torturing myself.

One of my favorite memories here at BSC so far is either working Summer Orientation or being part of Sigma Pi.

I am _______'s #1 fan:
A. New England Patriots
B. Indianapolis Colts
C. New Orleans Saints
D. Pittsburgh Steelers
E. Other: ________

My favorite kind of food is:
A. Italian
B. Chinese
C. American
D. Crimson Dining
E. Other:_______

I don't know about having a pet monkey but Ace Ventura is one of my favorite movies. What did you guys think? Comment on this interview or ask Dino anything you would like!!

Rawr Cat :)


Constantine said...

sounds like one righteous dude!
thanks cat :)

Catarina Martins said...

aw no problem Dino! Thanks for commenting on this, get all your brothers and friends to join! And are you or any of your friends interested in being a guest blogger? Let me know!

Jenn said...

Great Interview Cat!


Max Quinn said...

How does one get selected to be interviewed?

-Max Quinn

Beeca said...

very neat! it's cool learning about some of the people who frequent OSIL!

Meg said...

DINO! you are so fascinating!

Kara Crosson said...

I'm honored to have been Orientation partners with this fine leader on campus - great interview Dino!

Alexis said...

Great interview Dino :) have you done this before?