Monday, February 8, 2010

A Bear-ific Interview with Meg Ryan

You know what this means..another interview with one of our Bears. Today you get to see the interview with our very own Megan Ryan. Remember all of her responses are in blue, check it outtt...

Name: Megan Ryan

Nickname: Meg; Meg that a nickname?

Year: Junior; May 2011

Major: The forbidden Elementary Education with Psychology!

Three things you didn't know about Meg until now:

1. I have an obsession with the color blue and have an unhealthy amount of blue shirts. My roommate is currently staging an Intervention.

2. I taught myself how to play the guitar in the summer of 2008 because I spent far too much time on Facebook.

3. My right foot is a half size larger than my left's a pain.

There isn't anything that chocolate can't fix!

How are you involved on campus?

Hmm..I am the Marketing Director of Program Committee, I am a Student Orientation Coordinator for the Summer 2010 Orientation Program, and I work in the Print Shop!

My favorite sport is baseball. I love watching my younger brother Sean play!

How can your personality be best described?

A. Dorky

B. Fun

C. Timid

D. Loud

E. Other: Vibrant

My favorite class so far has been Intro to Elementary Education, because I got to work in the classroom of my 2nd grade teacher (who now teaches 1st grade!) and I got to learn more about my major.

One of my favorite memories here at BSC so far is hosting the Homecoming Pageant with Devan Carrington. I dressed as the rapper, Lil' Wayne, and Devan dressed as the rapper T Pain! We also dressed as the Spartan cheerleaders from SNL!

I am ______'s #1 fan:

A. New England Patriots

B. Indianapolis Colts

C. New Orleans Saints

D. Pittsburgh Steelers

E. Other: Lady Gaga

My favorite kind of food is:

A. Italian

B. Chinese

C. American

D. Crimson Dining

E. Other: CHINESE FOOD! especially at Mee King.

What another great interview and I must agree, Mee King is quite delicious!! So what did you guys think?? Feel free to ask her any questions!

Cat :)


Sean said...

Oh MegRyan. Yes it is actually only 1 word.

Meg said...

I love how I put "other: Chinese food" for the favorite food, when Chinese was already an option. OOPS! :)

Meg said...

Haha Sean, I have seen people write it as Megryan before! So funny. :)