Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Red Polos Are Coming, The Red Polos Are Coming!!!

Yesterday you might have felt like the campus was being invaded by people in red polo's. Don't be alarmed we came in peace (yes...I was one of them). All we were trying to do was get all of you to apply to become a Summer Orientation Leader.. see I told you we were harmless :)

A Few Reasons to Become A Summer Orientation Leader:

  1. The people you work with, most of which you will never have met before, will turn from co-workers to friends by the end of the first day. I've come up with two theories as to why this happens: a) there's some weird orientation magic, and b) all the orientation leaders are just naturally awesome. (I tend to go with theory two).

  2. You get to wear awesome red polo's and name tags.

  3. You're communication and leadership skills improve immensely. You will be able to speak more comfortably in front of people, and learn how to be more decisive.

  4. You get an early preview at the new faces that will be attending school with you! Not only that, but you can make their transition from their high school to BSC a fun and exciting one!

  5. Isn't Chelsea Bracchi a good enough reason? Can't you SEE how much fun the OL's are?

So what are you waiting for?? Applications can be found at www.bridgew.edu/sil and they're due FEB 17th!

Cat :)


Meg said...

Love this!! Great post, Cat! Chelsea looks fabulous :)

Rachel W. said...

Apply! You'll love a red-polo summer, it's a great experience!

Chelsea I love it!