Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday = Fun Day :)

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

How about that snowday!?! If you were me you were probably wondering the entire day why there was even a snowday (not that I'm complaining), but before I knew it there was a huge blizzard outside! I basically decided to look at some scholarships, finish up some homework, hang out with my prince charming (my betta fish), and watch the movie Couple's Retreat which was hilarious. How did you spend your snow day? I would love to hear what you guys did.

Have you voted yet on our poll How are you spending Valentine's Day? So far here are the results:

  1. With my bf/gf: 50%
  2. Friends..duh: 30%
  3. Searching for my valentine: 10%
  4. Is that the day where a cupid aims an arrow at you? thanks!: 10%

If you aren't happy with the results, then what are you waiting for? Vote away.

Okay, so here's the fun least I think it's pretty fun. I would like to share with you a few funny videos (all with animals..don't worry yet)
This one is of a dog that screams elmo..

Do you have really bad allergies? Well this panda does, it can't stop sneezing!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your thursday!! Hope to hear from you guys.
Cat :)


Laurie Bloom said...

I WANT A PUPPY THAT SCREAMS ELMO!!! An OSIL pet??? Pleaseeeeee Cindyyyy Pleaseeeee?!? :)

Catarina Martins said...

We could even call him/her OSIL!! It would be awesome, because we could save one from a shelter :) I completely agree with you Laurie!