Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Bear-ific Interview (Raul)

Hey guys!! So this week has been kind of hectic and I'm about to throw a bunch of posts at you!! Well, not know I would never throw anything at you guys :)

So this week Raul Vazquez was interviewed, and again we have an awesome Bear. Check out the interview....

Name: Raul Vazquez

Nickname: Macho (no joke that's what my family calls me)

Year: Junior 2011

Major: Business Management

Three things you didn't know about Raul Vazquez until now:

1. I love to beat up the beat and fist pump when I go out.
2. I can't stop smiling when I am nervous.
3. I just found out about 1 year ago that I love to travel to different countries. Since then I have traveled to three countries and am going to my fourth one maybe in the summer.

There isn't anything that Duck Tape can't fix.

How are you involved on campus?
I am the President of our Student Government Association on campus, I am a brother of Sigma Pi, I am a member in the Student Leadership Council, I work in the Moakley Center IT Helpdesk and I work in the Commuter Services office.

My favorite sport is baseball.

How can your personality be best described?
A. Dorky
B. Fun
C. Timid
D. Loud
E. Other: Overconfident and silly

My favorite class so far has been French Film with Professor Lizie, because we traveled to Paris on a study tour and I had one of the best times of my life there. I got to go on the Eiffel Tower, see the Mona Lisa, and made 19 new friends; it was a great time.

One of my favorite memories here at BSC so far is the Spring 2009 elections for the student body presidency. It was a heated race, but myself and Kara Crosson came out on top.

I am _____'s # fan: Guilty Pleasure
A. New England Patriots
B. Indianapolis Colts
C. New Orleans Saints
D. Pittsburgh Steelers
E. Other: Jersey Shore

My favorite kind of food is:
A. Italian
B. Chinese food you can ask anyone, I know what I like and this is what they will tell you. It's so good I can just keep ordering Pork Fried Rice with pepper Steak and boneless spareribs. Hmm
C. American
D. Crimson Dining
E. Other: ____
Haha..Jersey Shore has taken over Bridgewater I swear! So what did you guys think? Feel free to comment or ask Raul any questions you would like!!!
Cat :)

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