Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SGA...and late night at the RCC

Hey folks,

Just writing tonight following an SGA meeting. It was great to see so many clubs turn out for club reports and I am always eternally grateful for the chance to listen to the great things people are doing.

I was thinking during the whole time there about how quickly the spring semester is going to just fly by! I'm hoping that none of you seniors out there get too sad... but it's amazing to think of how little time we have left before we say goodbye to a class of very dedicated seniors and welcome a new group of wide-eyed freshmen.

Tonight's set of meetings was a real whirlwind, but I wanted to post a little about some things i learned tonight:

- "rebirth" of an organization happens a lot.
There are just as many clubs enjoying long strings of success as there are groups that are working to rebuild. It's this new Yin/Yang theory I'm working on... but go with me here...
- taking on leadership in the middle of the year isn't easy.
For those of you starting new roles as presidents or e-board members, please remember we are here for you. It's not easy starting mid-year so remember your resources!
- leadership is fun!
Hearing all of you speak about your times as RA's, OL's or members of different groups and seeing the passion in your eyes while you try to promote the opportunity to others is really gratifying.
- leadership is tough work, too.
This shout out is to a few of you that had some tough conversations with me today... it's not all fun all the time. However, you know you are learning lessons that will last a lifetime and I hope that all of us OSIL types can be there to help you get through the rocky parts too.

This is a hectic semester for all of us, but we hope that this blog can grow over the next few weeks to be a place where you can hear from us about current happenings with student organizations. Let us know if there are people you'd like to hear from!

Cindy Kane