Friday, January 29, 2010

BSC - What makes it special?

I'm feeling psyched about the re-launch of this blog and hope that as the semester progresses it will grow to be an exciting place for information, dialogue, and community!

Tonight is Winter Commencement and I am so proud of so many of our graduates! It is always a time where I reflect a lot on BSC and on this department. 

In case you don't know this about me, I "landed" here at BSC after a series of interviews that took me and my husband progressively up Rt. 95 on a goal of moving to the New England area.  I had some interviews in CT that  I didn't get or didn't want    "didn't pan out" and once we hit the Massachusetts border I found BSC. 

I'll confess... I didn't know much about BSC from my one bedroom overpriced apartment in  New Jersey about 15 minutes from my parents' house at the time.  But, reflecting back to that day in July of 1998 that I interviewed for this position I still like to think about what interested me about BSC and how I knew it would be a good "fit."  For those of you looking for summer internships or (gasp!) post-graduation jobs... the vague idea of "fit" with place might be similar to what you were thinking when you were college searching.  When looking for "fit" with a place you ask yourself "can I see myself here?" "Are there people I would connect with?"  "Do I like the idea of doing this job?"

If you are wondering about your next "fit", consider this...
  • A place that "fits" is founded on goals and values that you can support and enjoy the idea of helping to advance.
  • A job that "fits" offers you a blend of easy tasks that you can do in your sleep and things that you'll have to do that scare the heck out of you.  Challenges are good... but it's also good to be an expert in a few things too. Nothing wrong with looking brilliant in the first few weeks on the job.
  • A place that "fits" will take you one next step to the next stop along your career path
Digging in a little deeper...
  • A place that fits will have at least one person that you can visualize having lunch with and enjoying it. 
  • A place that fits shows you respect, treats you like someone special when you visit, and connects you with people that seem genuinely happy there.
  • A place that fits connects you with at least one person that will be someone you can learn from.
I've been here at BSC for a while and these are some of the reasons it "fits" for me.  How about you? 

Post a comment and tell us why you think BSC is a good "fit" for you and your personal goals!

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