Friday, May 7, 2010

Impact of Involvement: Part 2 of a series

by Kara Crosson, Bridgewater's Best Recipient
The four Bridgewater's Best recipients will offer blog posts in the days prior to Commencement.  We congratulate them on being recognized with this top leadership award!

Fall of 2007 – sophomore year – I had just celebrated my one year anniversary as an Event Coordinator for Conference and Events Services and was fresh out of Resident Assistant training. I was ready to take on the world. Or rather, the world known as Bridgewater State College. Event Coordinating was fun but I was ready to be on the other side of things – the ones actually planning events instead of just making sure Sodexho had the food delivered on time. 

I took the plunge and with the encouragement of my CESO boss I took part in the Leadership Institute through the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. This program matched me up with a mentor – Gael DeIuliis, the Event Coordinator for the Office of Student Affairs. Gael and I spoke about the major experiences I wanted to get out of my time at BSC – getting involved, studying abroad and community service. I expressed my desire to take part in the Semester at Sea study abroad program but I was nervous to leave the BSC community for an entire semester. It was Gael who told me about the Bridgewater-at-Oxford program which took place over the summer. I looked into the program and realized it fit all of my dreams. This one month journey took place at Wadham College which is one of the 35 universities that makes up the prestigious Oxford University. I quickly applied and was honored to be given the opportunity to travel with a group of students to England. After finishing up my first experience as an Orientation Leader I boarded a plane only four days later for my first trip overseas! While abroad we experienced firsthand Stonehenge, day trips to London, and a play at the Globe Theatre among many other adventures. This trip allowed me to learn so much about myself, my classmates, and another country. Back in Bridgewater I was constantly telling stories about my trip or daydreaming of riding the London Eye. 

BSC has an amazing Office of Study Abroad and I encourage everyone to check out the programs they offer. Whether you are looking for a year/semester exchange, a summer program or even a week long study tour this office has it all. Through all my experiences at BSC each one stands out for their own reason and I wouldn’t change any of them. Whatever you do, whether it be SGA or Circle K find what you’re passionate about and follow your heart. 

There’s no looking back in college so you might as well start now!