Friday, February 12, 2010

Are you on the INside?

I’m thinking of something that can be considered the campus pulse, knows all the events on campus, has tons of “friends” but is probably slightly underused. That’s right, everyone, I’m talking about the Involvement Network. Perhaps you have absolutely NO idea what the Involvement Network is or maybe you think it’s just an added piece of technology that really doesn’t serve a purpose for you or for the clubs your involved in. Well, keep reading and I will enlighten you to what the Involvement Network is and how good it is to be on the INside.

First things first: do you have a login? If so, GREAT – you are one step closer to getting IN. If not, surf your way on over to the website. Create a log-in after using the sign up function and following the steps. Now that you are on your way to INsider status, let’s learn some fun facts about Insiders…

Fact: INsiders are never bored. They know something is always happening on campus.

So believe it or not, there is something going on at BSC just about all the time. Sure, you may not see as many flyers around campus or in the residence halls as you used to, but going green means more than just cutting down paper advertisements across campus. It means that all the events are right at your finger tips. The flyerboard is a pretty nifty tool. Go ahead, click the events tab and see what’s going on over the next few days. You can even RSVP AND add it to your calendar so you don’t miss the event. If you don’t see a flyer there, don’t get discouraged. You can search events by category too!

Fact: INsiders are networkers. They “know” key players in all different clubs and organizations.

Did you know you can see who is involved with any club on the Involvement Network? Yes, that’s right. You can see the President, Vice Pres, Primary Contact and sometimes even the adviser of a club. Sure, I’m using the term “know” rather loosely. It is highly unlikely that you will personally know all the important people in a club, but INsiders can find out who they need to get in contact with if they want more information about the club or becoming a member.

Fact: INsiders are INnovative communicators. They know how to communicate and group consensus without that pesky reply-all email that fills your inbox.

The Involvement Network has a number of built in communication tools that you probably didn’t realize existed. For instance, you can email anyone in your club through the Involvement Network. Then there are the discussion boards and survey features, too. Use discussion boards to post minutes for members that missed meetings! You can create surveys within organizations to take polls without pesky paper ballots AND all the data is already typed up for you. Talk about going green and making your life easier!

So fellow and future INsiders, these are just a few reasons why being IN is pretty cool. If you still aren’t sold or maybe slightly confused on the Involvement Network – FEAR NOT! February is INVOLVEMENT NETWORK Month in OSIL. Every week sessions are being offered on a variety of topics regarding the Involvement Network through the CEO Series. Sign up for sessions here!

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Max Quinn said...

The IN Network is the ultimate BSC Social Network! It blows Facebook and Twitter out of the water becuase it allows BSC Students to see exactly what is happening at BSC, when, where, by who, and how you can get personally involved!

I urge everyone to check it out!!