Monday, September 29, 2008

Best Week Ever

Good Morning BSC!!
It’s Monday morning and you know what that means… Best Week Ever!!!

Have you ever wanted to learn about The Cape Verdean Culture? Well last week would have been the perfect time!! The Cape Verdean Student Association and Program Committee held an event last Monday to honor Amilcar Cabral who helped Cape Verde gain independence. There was food from Sobabe and authentic Cape Verde dance lessons!

What’s on Wednesday held their first wellness walk and full body workout class in OSIL! This was a great way to relieve some of that mid-week stress!

What better way to spend a rainy Saturday then to come and play the board game Scene It, but on the X Box 360? On Saturday the SWAT team put together this event. The original event was suppose to be the Red Sox/Yankees game, but due to a rescheduling issue the game was moved from 7:05pm to 3:55 pm, and in the end the game was rescheduled for Sunday due to the rain. The Scene It game night didn’t turn out the way we wanted it, and I think it was due to the weather. Not too many people came out in the torrential down pours, but the ones that did had a great time. The Scene It is a very fun game to play with a bunch of people; it really tests ones knowledge of movies!

Not able to go home before the big election?? You can still rock the vote! Throughout all of last week and continuing through this week The Student Government Association Office has absentee ballots that you can fill out to receive your official ballot. All the postage is free!

Stop by OSIL and find out about events and you wont miss out this week!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SWAT are you doing this weekend?!

Hey guys! Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed all of the events, I know I did!

So this weekend is looking pretty exciting as well, I know it's only Wednesday but you should start getting pumped now!

Friday night, September 26th, we're going to kick-off the weekend with the Student Spotlight Series, sponsered by Program Committee, in Crimson Cafè at 9pm, like always. This week we have Matthew Sowersby, who will be playing guitar and singing. He's a first-year student here at Bridgewater, and he has a great musical background with tons of awards, if you don't believe me you can google him! So you should stop by, grab a late dinner or snack... I personally enjoy the Caeser Salad on flatbread with a Dirty Banana Split Smoothie... but that's just me, you can get what you want, and of course, enjoy Matt's musical talents. And if that wasn't enough to entice you into coming to the event, you may get lucky and be seranaded by him ;)

Saturday night, September 27th, spend the day watching the Red Soxs take on the Yankees and then relax with an exciting game of Scene It! in the Dunn Conference room, at 7pm. We also have other X-Box 360 games, like Madden and Rockband, so stop by with a few friends and challenge them to a battle of the best, to decide who really is the greatest x-boxer. ANDDD who doesn't like free food? We've got nachos and all the best toppings to munch on in between rounds.

Sunday, September 28th, Campus Rec will be sponsering a Home Run Derby, on the softball field at 4pm. Come compete with Bridgewater's finest, or just cheer on your friends!

Even more excited about the weekend? I know I am

- - Rachel
"Our weekend is better than yours."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Best Week Ever

Welcome to the Monday morning post of BSC’s Best Week Ever!

Hey BSC! Hopefully most of you took advantage of what this past week had to offer, but for those of you who missed out here’s a recap! Maybe this upcoming week you will find more ways to make your week exciting!

Last week was Recruitment for the Greek organizations here on campus. The Fraternities: Alpha Eta Rho (Coed), Phi Pi Delta (Coed), Sigma Chi, Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Phi and the Sororities: Gamma Phi Beta and Phi Sigma Sigma each held different events throughout the week. At these events, anyone interested could come to meet the members and get to know a little more about Greek life. The week was a success for the organizations and they look forward to gaining new brothers and sisters!

Senior Convocation was last week too! DMF and senior Micky Howard spoke to the class about making their senior year memorable. After the event, there was free food in the commuter cafe for all the seniors. The turn out was great because who doesn’t love free food and canceled classes!

The BSC dance team held auditions last Wednesday! And the annual Ebony Fashion Fair trip sponsored by the Center for Multicultural Affairs was last Thursday.

Are you interested in community service? The applications for the Alternate Winter and Spring Break trips are due next Monday, September 29th in the Community Service Office. Go to the office or check online for more information. And if you are interested in joining an Intramural sports team, make sure you check the BSC Bears website to check for roster due dates!

For those of you who stayed around this weekend you may have noticed all that was going on! Anyone who went home this past weekend, hopefully you will think twice about leaving campus this weekend.

On Saturday there was the annual Fall Fest. The evening kicked off at 10pm with RHA giving away free breakfast in the ECC that included the famous BSC brunch home fries, omelets, waffles, and much more. After students ate their nice midnight snack (at 10pm) they ventured over to the Dunn Conference Room for a night full of Bingo. BSC’s Tina Botti (VP of Weekend Warriors) was lucky enough to be a winner twice in Bingo on Saturday night. Not only did Tina win twice in one night, she was a winner in Bingo the previous Wednesday, giving her a total of 3 wins in 4 days. While Bingo was going on, in the other half of Dunn there was an Xbox 360 tournament. Students gathered to rock out on "Rock Band", and challenge their trivia knowledge with "Scene It". Friends gathered for a good time all night long. The event was a total success. The night was capped at around 1:15am

Anything here look like it might have been fun? Well, pay attention; look around campus, there is always something going on! Don’t miss out this week!

-Colleen, Megan, & Brian

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What are you doing this weekend?

Good day all! Sticking around this weekend? Well, you should be!!! We have a bunch of great things to do on campus. We will start off on Friday the 19th. Kicking off the weekend we have the student spotlight series. This series is a weekly event that gives a student(s) a chance to perform their talents in Crimson Café. Come on out to the Crimson Café at 9pm, hang out, grab some food, sit back and relax.

Saturday is something that everyone NEEDS to be part of. During the day we have the rescheduled scavenger hunt taking place all over the campus. This is for those first year students, so come out and check in at the clock tower at 11am. If you don’t know where the clock tower is, then you need to do this scavenger hunt! This event will be in motion till 2pm. After the scavenger hunt, I suggest that you take a nap for a fun filled night.

Starting at 11pm we have the the Midnight Breakfast. This is something that the entire campus comes out for, so don't miss out on it! What college student doesn’t like free food, especially late at night? Not only are we giving out free food(ECC), but there are going to be a ton of fun activities going down on the East Campus as well. I will just name a few… X-Box 360 Rockband, board games, BINGO, and dodge ball. Come hang out with the rest of campus on Saturday. Remember, it begins at 11pm!

I look forward to seeing all you this weekend at our events!