Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday- Haiti

Happy New Year to all of you and hope that every single one of you have come up with some great new year’s resolutions!! Mine tend to be the same from year to year:

1) Try my hardest to earn some decent grades I can be proud of
2) Maybe finally trying that whole eating healthier thing (although I can never seem to resist those Reese’s peanut butter cups..and kit kats..and just chocolate in general)
3) To try to make some great memories with friends and family.
This year however I am adding one more to the list and it would be great if everyone could join me, and that is to help out Haiti. It's a New Year right? Why should people have it start out on such a tragic note?

So many, a great deal many, have suffered so much and keep suffering. I mean everyone has in their life time at least once thought "Hey I wish I could really help. I really should do something, try to help out the situation but how am I going to do that?" If you've always wanted to help out, I really couldn't think of a better time than now. And I'm not just writing this and not believing in it, I've actually already donated $10 myself. It's easy, just text "HAITI" to 9-0-9-9-9 and you will automatically have donated $10 that will show up on your phone bill; just watch this youtube video of the commercial that Michelle Obama is in that I'm sure most of you have already watched on tv (

Also, I was watching comedy central today (The Colbert Show) and even Stephen is trying to help out! Apparently he got a new set for his show and is auctioning off pieces of his old set now! A Colbert Nation Liquidation he calls it, it’s already started this week and the bidding will continue until January 25th; it's for the table where he interviewed a ton of celebrities. And get this, AT&T will even match the winning bid, I don't know I just thought it was pretty cool (

Actually, I don't know how much tv any of you guys watch, but I feel like so many people are coming together to really try to help out. I mean this unfortunate tragedy didn't even occur in our own country and yet so many people are lending a hand or a few bucks to really try to make a difference in another part of this world, our world. I guess when it comes to things like this we all just come together and it's really nice to see that. Even my grandmother who lives in Portugal donated too! What a sweet lady I miss her ha. And I feel like I'm a part of all of this because again I donated some money, $10 that I gave instead of going and spending it on a medium hot caramel latte with skim milk and no sugar...just extra caramel haha. See I'm already fulfilling my new year’s resolutions; I'm being healthier by not choosing the latte and donating to a great cause. That small action, believe it or not, will make such a difference. Imagine if we all didn't spend money on things that we buy every week that we don't even need and donated it instead to those that are in great need?

So stealing some of Stephen Colbert's words I say to you, BSC Nation...let's make a difference. It's a new year; let's give ourselves and Haiti a new start :)  - Cat Martins


Sean said...

REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups are the best thing ever and never need to be given up.

Catarina Martins said...

Haha, yes Sean I even got a pack of them yesterday..I always give in to the peanut butter goodness. But hey what did you think about the rest of the blog..did it kind of make you consider donating? I want to see if I need to be more inspiring haha