Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Firing up the blog!

Happy 2010, Bridgewater State College!

Your friendly neighborhood OSIL staff is back and rested up for a brand new semester. While we're dusting off the holiday cobwebs, we're spending this week getting organized for Orientation next week and the rest of the campus to return.

See how hard we are working?

(I know some of you have taken naps on that couch, but now Erin's daughter has followed suit.)

But seriously, we're back and excited for a new year. To prove it to you, let's ask the OSIL staff that is in today about what they are looking forward to the most about Spring semester...

Christina: Getting to break the mold and being really innovative with my work
Sally: Taking a vacation in March
Sabrina: My financial aid refund check
Laurie: Springfest...it's a fun and exciting week around here
Bristaco the Bear: (unavailable for comment due to hibernation for winter)
Me: Getting this blog site to reach as many students as possible. Equally important is the fact that this semester I'm turning 40. Only a few more months of shopping left, people!

Tell a friend...this blog site is going to be THE place to follow this semester! With the help of our fantastic marketing staff, we are excited to do some fun posts!

Enjoy the last few days of break... we will too!

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