Monday, October 27, 2008

Best Week Ever!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!! And more importantly, I hope you all found a new way to get involved on campus this past week!! If not, I have some news for you!
President Dana Mohler-Faria was the guest at the Student Government Association meeting this past Tuesday to speak about the states budget cuts and what it will mean for the school. Even though the school is being forced to make cuts, the administration is trying its hardest to make sure it doesn’t affect the students. They do not want to cut any of the teaching staff because they are essential to the learning process here at BSC. There will not be a freeze on hiring faculty, but there will be a freeze on hiring for any other staff positions that are not completely necessary for the college. There is also going to be a freeze on out of state travel that is not absolutly necessary.
So, with all these cuts, will we, the students, have to pay more to go to school? Hopefully we won’t have to. DMF stated at this past SGA meeting that raising student fees is the last option. And most of you have probably heard that the Science building has been destined for a 98 million dollar renovation. This is still going to happen because this money is bonded, not state appropriated.
I strongly suggest all of you to attend at least on SGA meeting during your stay here at BSC. I was on SGA last year and it is an amazing way to keep up to date on what’s going on here on campus. SGA meetings are every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers (top floor of the Campus Center).

Last Wednesday the event, ‘Karaoke for a Cure”, was held. This event was co-hosted by PC and Sigma Chi to held raise money to benefit the family of a Sigma Chi brother, whose mother passed away recently. First, there was Karaoke, where many people got up on stage to sing, a few people were even brave enough to get up there alone and sing! I watched from the sidelines, the world isn’t quite ready yet for what I have to offer.
After an hour of Karaoke, a comedian got up on stage. I’m not going to say he wasn’t funny, he was at times, but he also didn’t quite know when to stop talking. Right in the beginning he offended a poor girl who had sung her heart out to “Survivor” and after that moment, the audience wasn’t too thrilled with him. He recovered slightly from that downfall and gave us a few more good laughs before falling back into a dark abyss of the unfunny.
All together, though, the event was a hit! People had fun and I hope Sigma Chi was able to raise a lot of money to help their brother in his time of need.
Lastly, this past weekend I hope some of you got out of your rooms and went on the Haunted Tour! I wasn't there, unfortunatly, but I heard it was quite a fright! The tour was of all the haunted spots on campus, and of course Saturday night was a dark and stormy night. So, when you hear bumps coming from your next door neightbor's dorm room, or you think you hear footsteps in the bathroom you thought was empty... you're gunna be wishing you were at that tour so you knew what places are haunted, and what places to stay away from.

Remeber, no matter what your interests are, you can always find something to do on campus! So, stop by OSIL to find out when and where clubs meet. And read your campus announcements to find out what events are happening!

peace out!

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