Monday, October 20, 2008

Best Week Ever- Homecoming Edition

It's Monday and you know what that means.... everyone is still half asleep? NO! Its means best week ever!!!

Last week was an amazing week, it was BSC's Homecoming!
There were so many PC sponsored events and fun things to do. I was given the idea that because I was a part of the homecoming court, this week I could write about my experience with homecoming.
Myself and the rest of the homecoming court have been practicing for weeks and it came and went in a flash! Thursday night was the big event- the homecoming pageant and I hope everyone got a chance to attend because it was absolutely hilarious. The talents were everythng from Sarah Palin impressions, to crazy dances, to rapping, to TV show spoofs. I personally have never had more fun in my entire life. It was such a rush to be on stage in front of peers and faculty and just have such a good time.
Then on friday night was float building behond Kelly gym. It was freezing but we were all out there from 8pm to midnight. It was alot of fun to watch what all the organizations were doing with thier floats.
Saturday morning was the homecoming parade. All the organizations that built floats Friday night got a chance to show them off in the parade. The homecoming court rode on a patriotic float and the Coast Guard Academy band played in the parade. There was a great turnout for the parade - even President Dana Mohler-Faria came to watch!
Later on in the afternoon was the homecoming football game vs Coast Guard Academy and BSC won 38 to 7! Nice jobs boys! Also at the game they announced the Homecoming King & Queen... Congrats to Chris OCampo and Kerry Fitzgerald!!!

Overall Homecoming was a blast and I hope everyone got a chance to go to some of the amazing events that went on last week.

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