Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Week Ever

Ever wonder what happens to that line item on your Bridgewater State College bill labeled ‘Student Government Fee’? If you are a resident like I am, that item is a whole fifty dollars! That’s a lot of money. Well, I have some great news for you! Whenever you see a flier advertising an event hosted by one of the many SGA recognized clubs, well, there’s your money at work. That fifty dollars I pay every year goes towards helping clubs hold many events throughout the year. All that ‘free’ food, we all paid for that! When a club hosts a speaker on campus, we all paid for that too! So, if you are looking for something to do on a Wednesday night, I suggest you make sure your money is being put towards good use, get out of your room and attend some of these events!!

Oh, and one other thing. There’s a water bubbler, full of fresh, crisp water located in the SGA office on the main floor of the Campus Center… You paid for that too! Go fill up your water bottle in the SGA office, instead of using an extra $1.50 to purchase a water bottle in the cafeteria. It’s a great way to not just check out what the SGA office has to offer, but to also help save the environment!

That $1.50 could go to better use, like chocolate! Or you could save it, small amounts of money add up very quickly. I know this all too well, my budgeting abilities are not too sharp. But this past Friday, Freshman Focus had a session dedicated to budgeting in college. I surely could have used that information! I get a check every other Friday from the school, as soon as it’s in my bank account back home; somehow it ends up right back in circulation. I’m sure I really didn’t need to order that pizza from Chessman’s, especially when I could have walked over to the Crimson cafeteria and used my points to get a pizza, you know, those points I already paid for!!

Sometimes that money just has to go, like when I have to buy books in the beginning of the semester. But the rest of the school year, what do I really need to buy? An occasional order of the coveted breadsticks from Chessman’s isn’t a bad thing, but ordering out every week can become a drain on a money supply. And that really cute pair of sixty dollar bright red shoes might be JUST perfect for your favorite pair of jeans, but maybe the pink ones you already have, that are actually almost red, might work just as well? Budgeting requires a certain amount of sacrifice, but it certainly pays off in the end. Maybe there’d be a Spring Break trip in your future?

Of course, I just want to add in a few things about this weekend. I hope many of you stayed on campus this weekend, I did. Gary Peterson was the featured performer of this past Friday’s Student Spotlight series, and Refined Movement was the main attraction Saturday night as they tried to teach BSC students how to dance. If you’ve ever seen these girls dance, you’d know that one Saturday night of learning could not possibly bring anyone to their level!! But, it would definitely be fun to try!! I would totally recommend keeping up with those girls so you can see them perform sometime!!
Peace out!

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