Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just because it is a long weekend doesn't mean you should go home!

Hey guys, its Wednesday again and that means I get to drop some knowledge on you about this weekends events.

First we have the very fun and entertaining Student Spotlight on Friday night in Crimson Cafe (9pm). Come grab a smoothy, plop a seat and take in the good vibrations of the performer. It is sure to be someone who will rock your socks off!

Then come back to the Crimson Cafe on Saturday night for the Program Committee Karaoke Night. This gives all you guys who think you should be on American Idol a chance to shine on the big stage... The stage in Crimson that is! If Karaoke isn't enough of a treat, then you should totally come out for the FREE caramel apples that they will be giving out. Well, actually its a caramel apple station.... They will have a basket of apples set up and a bucket of hot caramel for everyone to dip their apple in. This is something that everyone should come to.

Please remember that the caramel apples are on a first come first serve basis, so get there early and stay late!

Have a safe and healthy long weekend!

(Yay for no classes on Monday!)


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