Monday, November 3, 2008

Best Week Ever


I hope everyone had a safe and FUN Halloween! This weekend kind of kicked off with Fresh Society’s Halloween “Scary Sexy Silly” Fashion Show last Thursday night. MC for the night was Devan Carrington and the event was co-sponsored with Afro-Am and funded by SGA. Many of Bridgewater’s wonderful students got up on stage to strut their stuff dressed in many different kinds of costumes. Segments included superheroes, sexy nurses, and the things that go BUMP in the night! The audience certainly seemed to enjoy the show; I have to admit I did scream a little when one of the participants jumped out at me. During the short downtimes between sets, dancing was encouraged and some members of the audience took full advantage of that.

Overall, the atmosphere of this event was fun and exciting. If you weren’t there, I’ve heard tell of a Valentine’s Day show so I strongly suggest you check that out!

Friday night also hosted the ASU and MIB Blasian Halloween party. This event was held on campus in the Large Ballroom and was open to all BSC students as well as their friends. From what I hear this was a great event! And there was even a prize awarded to the best costume.

Halloween can be a very fun time! But it’s also important to always stay safe.

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