Thursday, February 5, 2009

Through the eyes of a potential new member! Sorority Recruitment- Spring 2009

The Panhellenic Association facilitates recruitment week each spring for the 2 International Sororities at BSC. This year the Panhellenic Association asked a potential new member to blog about her experience through the week so we can see what recruitment is like through the eyes of a BSC potential new member. We hope you enjoy reading about her experience!

Monday, February 2, 2009
Information Night

Hey everyone!

I was really excited to go to sorority rush week this week, and had no idea what to expect. I just wanted to get involved on campus, while also giving back and meeting alot of new friends.When i first walked into the info room, i was a little intimidated by having to go through what seemed like background checks and registration, but later found out its just to make sure we keep school first. All of the gamma rho chis introduced themselves as our group leaders that will help us make a decison of whether we want to join Gamma Phi Beta, or Phi Sigma Sigma. After introductions they made everyone well aware of what to expect for the week, and what fun events we would be attending. When they mentioned such things like the preference night being invite only, alot of girls seemed a little uneasy, but we were then reassured that usually almost everyone will get at least one invite back. After feeling relieved I couldn't wait to come back for the rest of rush week, and finally see what it's like to be Greek!

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