Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recruitment- Night 2- Time to meet the chapters!

A potential new member at BSC blogs about her experience at formal recruitment...

Meeting the chapters!

After a day cancellation because of the snow storm, I couldn't wait to return to Rush Week activities. Tonight was the biggest one of all.....meeting the chapters. I was so nervous and excited about meeting them. I really hoped all the girls were nice, and that I wouldn't feel awkward asking questions. When all the potential new members arrived, we all waited anxioiusly while we were put into teams to meet each sorority. We did a few ice breakers within the team and everyone seemed so laid back and relaxed, and got really pumped to go to meet our future sisters. Each sorority greeted us with chants and cheers and girls came right up to you and introduced themselves. I felt so comfortable asking all my questions while they even shared extra info that I didn't know about each chapter. We went to stations and learned about all aspects of each chapter. Both chapters had alot of admirable qualities and everyone seemed very happy with both of them. After a tiring night of games and getting to know people we all returned back to one room to discuss the night. All the new potential members had similar feelings about already feeling accepted into each chapter and feeling comfortable to ask or talk about anything with the girls. Can't wait to finish out the week, now the real fun begins and the connections are made!

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