Thursday, February 5, 2009

Philanthropy Night

A potential new member blogs about her experience during BSC sorority recruitment...

After attending all of the other events this week, I was sooo excited to be attending Philanthropy night. I love volunteering and doing community service, so I know we would have fun. Both organizations had us create valentine cards for the veterans and for Hasbro children's hospital. I especially loved this because it was my favorite hobby, arts and crafts. I feel like tonight was alot easier to connect to the girls in both sororities and the gamma rho chi's after all our ice breakers yesterday. I found out alot of information about many of the girls, and connected with them on so many levels. I can definately see my self fitting in as a member of Greek life. I especially loved how all of the sorority members were extremely open about their personal lives and why they chose Greek life and even their soroity. Besides connecting with the members I also made many new friends within my rush group. After tonight I feel like I have a good idea of what sorority I would choose based on my connection I had in their rooms on both nights. Hopefully I will get invited back to their ritual ceremony on preference night tomorrow!!!

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Student Involvement said...

Good luck tonight and thanks for writing!!