Thursday, April 1, 2010

Relax, it's JUST a presentation......

Hey Bloggers!

So how many of you have presentations coming up before the end of semester? How many of you had presentations and maybe they didn't go so well? Well, I found this great article that may help you make your presentation run a bit more smoothly. I won't lie, I get nervous myself at the thought of presentations and I'm okay with saying that because it's a common feeling amongst a lot of people. However, after reading the article Worst Mistakes People Make in a Presentation I now think I can make any future presentations more successful.

The three mistakes that the author of the article focuses on are:
1. believing in magic
2. memorizing your speech
3. talking about yourself
After pin pointing each mistake the author offers a way to avoid them. Trust me it's definitely worth your time to read this short but helpful article!

By the way this is how I found the article. I have a twitter account, catmartins 28 you may follow me if you would like, and I got an e-mail notification that frsharticles started following me. So I checked them out and it's this website with a TON of articles about a variety of topics. If you don't have twitter yet then I highly suggest you create an account!! You never know what cool things you'll stumble upon!

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Justin Walely said...

One of the best techniques I've discovered, is practicing outloud alone while facing a wall. You may feel like a fool while doing so, but if you can complete your entire speech to a wall, your class will be much easier.
Also make sure to move around and ask your audience questions at the beginning to grab their attention. Get them involved!

Catarina Martins said...

Wow thank you so much Justin! Great advice.

Justin Walley said...

No Problem. And apparently I spelled my name wrong.

Rachel W. said...

EEEEk I could use some tips! I have a presentation tonight! wish me luck!