Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bear-ific Interview :)

Howdy! Remember the Bear-ific interviews? Well, if you don't remember or don't know what they are about then you are in for a little treat. Every week I interview either a student or staff member and then I get to share the interview with you guys! This week I got to interview Peter Quinn, I'd tell you more about him but you can just go ahead and find out for yourself. All of his answers are in blue.. enjoy :)

Name: Peter Quinn

Nickname: Max

Year: Senior

Major: Business

Three things you didn't know about Max until now:

1. I was named Who's Who Among College Students by Bridgewater State College along with about 10 others in 2010.

2. Turned 22 March 5th !

3. I had an article written about me in February for The Comment!

There isn't anything that true love can't fix.

How are you involved on campus?

President - Interfraternity Council (IFC)

New Member Educator - Sigma Pi

Brother of Sigma Pi Fraternity International

Student Program Advisor - On-campus job through OSIL

Greek Week Committee - Treasurer

My favorite sport is Ice Hockey! USA IS #1!

How can your personality be best described?

A. Dorky

B. Fun

C. Timid

D. Loud

E. Other: ____

My favorite class so far has been Drawing 1, because the Professor, Tim Bailey, made it fun and exciting to learn how to draw. I can significantly draw much better than before! Never had more fun than in this class!

One of my favorite memories here at BSC so far is pledging my Fraternity: Alpha Rho Pledge Class.

I am _____'s #1 fan:

A. New England Patriots

B. Indianapolis Colts

C. New Orleans Saints

D. Pittsburgh Steelers

E. Other: Boston Bruins

My favorite kind of food is:

A. Italian

B. Chinese

C. American

D. Crimson Dining

E. Other: _______

So what did you guys think?! Leave all of your comments, or questions you may have for Max!

P.S. One of the prizes of this contest is that you get to be interviewed :)

Cat :)


Justin Walley said...

Personally, would have gone with chinese food, but Sounds like a good guy to me :)

Alexis Kay said...

Woooo Greek and OSIL worker!? What up! hahaha Love me some OSIL.

Sean said...

Max is a good guy. I have class with him this semester and he is overall a stand up guy.

Catarina Martins said...

hey alexis! we're having a blog contest this week..all the info is in a previous post, and on the OSIL fan page on facebook where you can sign up under discussions :)