Friday, March 5, 2010


Friend of the Day, Hoo-HA

If you ever walk by OSIL and hear a commotion; high-pitched singing, dancing, clapping, and/or shouting, it’s probably Friend of the Day!

The idea of “Friend of the Day” started in the first office staff meeting of the year, as a way to encourage people to enter the office, make new-comers feel welcome, and just have fun. How it works is the front desk workers pick a random time and write it down, the first person to enter the office at or after that time is the Friend of the Day and gets a decorated bag of treats!
When we first started out it was one of the most awkward experiences, for both the “Friend of the Day” and the front desk staff. Before the lovely début of our Friend of the Day song, we would try and clap and get excited but it would just end up being uneventful.

THEN, I found this song on youtube, ! We time it so when the friend of the day walks through the door this song is blasted! My first trial-run I think I scared the student; she was taken aback and seemed frightened of me…I wonder why?

So when you hear “Hoo-HA…Hoo-HA, NaNaNaNaNa” you might be the “Friend of the Day.”

Get Pumped!

-- Rachel Wesley, Front Desk Worker for OSIL

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