Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Laptop Liberation

Hi, I'm Kayley Robsham and I am going to be a sophomore at Bridgewater State College this Fall.

This past year as a new student to Bridgewater State has been both fun and stressful. The stressful part of being a freshman was meeting new people, making friends, and getting involved. If I could re-do my freshman year I would have told myself to get out of my room and off of my laptop. For the first two months, I spent most of my time in my room with my roommates. I wish that I would have talked to my Resident Assistant more, or even talked to people in my hallway. I was interested in applying to be an Resident Assistant and an Orientation Leader for the next academic year, but I did not know anyone. Instead of sitting on my laptop, I could have been networking and meeting people to help me gain more knowledge about both of the positions. Although I made up for meeting new people and making connections my second semester, I wish I got a head start my first semester. I regret not getting involved and meeting new people. I hope my experience as a freshman encourages the incoming students to get out there and network to get involved on campus! This college experience only comes once in a lifetime. New students get involved as much as you can -remember to balance academics! Good luck new students!

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