Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 has big things ahead for OSIL

Hi everyone!

Greetings from OSIL 2009. We have been back since January 5 and working hard to plan for a great semester. Today we are recuperating from the past two days of new student and transfer orientation programs and we greeted just about 450 new members of the BSC community.

I don't know if you realized how many people start their careers on campus in the middle of the year, but with the economy going south and a variety of other reasons students transfer in general we probably shouldn't be surprised. We're excited that the future is so bright for BSC!

I'd like our faithful readers (are you out there?) to comment with some important advice for new students that may be arriving now. What do you think they should do to be successful?


Sarah said...

Hi all new Bears!
I'm Sarah and I'm senior sociology student here at BSC. I was too a transfer student. I entered BSC in fall of 2006 and I nervous as anything. I transfed from a private college where everyone was still high school-like and fake. I wondered if I would fit in at BSC.

I went to the fall Involvement Fair and I found Program Committee; I got involved with this group and have been with them ever since. I'm also the Survivorship Chair for the Relay For Life of BSC. I met the most wonderful people through the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. I've some health issues in the past and developed some learning difficulties and other disabilities from that.

My fellow students of Program Committee, the staff of OSIL and the Community Service Center have helped me feel belong and make me feel normal, and I can't thank them enough for that. I am sucessful academically because I have people outside the classroom who support me and bulid my self-esteem. Get involved on campus, believe me, it will be the best thing you'll ever do.

Once you find your place here you will feel just so great about yourself. Good luck with all your endeavors here at BSC and I hope will be able to proudly call yourselves Bears!
Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

I definitely think the most important aspect of being academically successful, other than applying yourself, is to get to know your professor. At Bridgewater we have the privilege of small classes where we can have one on one time with our professors so that's something that everyone should take advantage of. It makes it easier to ask for help and to show you're taking the initiative, and it is always a good idea to keep your networking'll never know when you might need a recommendation!

Rachel said...

I think the best way to start off the semester is with a new planner! I just bought one today and I know it helps me out with my hectic schedule.
A new semester, especially if it's your first at BSC, is always a good time to make new friends at BSC and really get to know your professors, so on the first day say hi to someone new, it's always nice to have some in-class connections.