Monday, December 8, 2008

Best Week Ever!

Brrrrrr!!! It is so cold outside!! Its a good day to stay in with some hot coco!
However, I hope you didn't stay in all weekend because you would have missed a bunch of awesome events!

Friday, Casey Winner played guitar and sang in crimson dining hall for the student spotlight. What a great start to the weekend!
Saturday, there was karaoke sponsored by the Program Committee. Alot of people came out to sing, relieve some of that finals stress and have a great time.
Saturday night there was a ginger bread house building competition. Over 50 people came out to show there skills and their holiday spirit. First place received a $25 american express gift card. Second place recieved a $15 blockbuster gift Certificate. Third Place received a $15 gift certificate to itunes.

So make sure you read your student announcements so you don't miss out on any more fun events!!!

Good luck with finals!!

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